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Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) is a composite material which essentially consist of conventional concrete reinforced by random dispersal of short, fine steel fibers of specific geometry.

The role of these in the cement based matrix is rather complex. Essentially theses fibers act as crack arresters, restricting the development of crack & thus transforming an inherently brittle material with its low tensile strength and impact resistant, into a strong composite with superior.

Considering the importance of concrete in pavement construction & in view of its well known weakness in tension & against impact. SFRC is suitable material to be used for pavement and overlay construction. SFRC has extra strength in flexural fatigue and impact etc. as compared to plain cement concrete. All these properties are the requirements needed for concrete pavement for highways bridge deck & runway or taxiway to maintain high quality & smooth riding surface without irregular depression.

SFRC has been used in a number of highway pavement & bridge deck surface & airport pavements. SFRC has also been applied even on wooden deck & fund to be virtually crack free.


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